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Our Testimonials

Once all the hard work has been done and those little campers are sleeping happily, some of our parents have been keen to share their success stories with others……

I was struggling with my son’s micro-naps and very broken night-sleep, so I got in touch with Zoe. We discussed my son’s daily habits in great detail, then Zoe came up with a very clear written plan including suggestions on how to cement a night-time pre-sleep routine, how to soothe him when he was upset at night and how to adjust feeding so as to solve night-time hunger. I saw almost immediate improvements, which made me so relieved. A bout of illness disrupted my son’s sleeping again, and Zoe patiently discussed with me how to tweak his routine again. I was amazed when suddenly my son slept from 7pm to 7am without interruptions. I never imagined that he was even capable of that. The plan was customised to my son, not some one-size-fits all approach, so it could be adapted to suit his age and very importantly the approach I wanted to take as a mum. She checked in with me daily as I was tweaking his routine, which helped my resolve to continue the controlled crying method that I had chosen. If you’re knackered and want a kind and understanding source of help, I cannot recommend Zoe highly enough.
Nicky Asquif
I was at my wits end when I first spoke to Zoe about my daughter’s sleep issues as she had been waking up numerous times throughout the night for about 3 months. I was so tired I didn’t know what to do myself and was also feeling guilty that I wasn’t able to enjoy my time with 9 month old because I was so tired and cranky all the time. Zoe visited us at home and spent a few hours with us getting to know our routines and understanding what was happening at nighttime before sending us a detailed sleep plan to put into place. Once we decided to go ahead with her suggestions, she was available for updates every day over the phone for as long as we needed. I found this really useful as we hit a wall one day 3 and I felt like giving up. Thankfully Zoe explained that if I kept going I would see results very soon and sure enough, after 5 nights I was starting to notice a real difference. It wasn’t easy but apart from when she gets ill, my daughter is now a really good sleeper and our relationship has actually improved now that I feel less tired all the time!
The additional testimonial is from Emma Gale:
I contacted Zoe for help with our 9 month old boy who was still waking up 2-3 times every night for milk and comfort at that time, despite my best sleep-training efforts. My goal was to extend the periods of him being asleep, but Zoe helped us to exceed this expectation and he was sleeping through the night (11 hours) within 3 weeks. We haven’t looked back! The best thing about Zoe’s approach to me was that she really collaborated and supported me in using a very gentle approach which was effective without causing our boy any distress. She listened carefully to questions and ideas and explained the rationale behind her approach very clearly and was very knowledgeable about babies’ sleep. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to help their little one to sleep better.
Emma Gale