Free initial phone discussion

It is important that you believe you are making an informed decision in paying for any help with your child’s sleep.  I offer a free initial phone discussion to go through the key issues you would like to address and to explain how I can help you.  You can then decide if you would like to move forward with any of the packages offered below.
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Package 1

Face to face consultation, following the completion of the pre-consultation form, either in the comfort of your own home or via Skype or Facetime, lasting between 1 to 2 hours. The consultation will enable me to understand your concerns regarding your child’s sleep issues and what you wish to achieve.

I will provide you with information on the different techniques you can choose from in order to implement the sleep plan that I develop for you. This will provide you with specialist methods for resolving your child’s sleep issues and a step by step plan for implementing them.

Unlimited email and phone support as required for up to 4 weeks.

Cost: £175

Package 2

This package includes the consultation and full sleep plan as above and 2 weeks email support with one additional phone call. With this package I will contact you a few days later to check on your child’s progress and offer advice if needed.

Cost: £125

Package 3

This package is geared towards equipping parents to lay the foundations for good sleep habits, forming routines and guiding their babies to be on the right track from the beginning.

Cost: £25-£100