Baby Sleep Development for Parents-to-Be and New Parents of 0-6 month olds

This workshop is aimed at parent’s to be and new parents who are keen to lay the foundations for healthy sleep from early on in their child’s life. Workshop available for groups, on a one-to-one basis or over the phone.

Workshop Information

This workshop includes:

  • Importance of sleep & why babies wake up at night
  • Healthy Sleep – how much sleep does your baby need and when
  • Developmental stages from 0-6 months
  • Addressing common sleep problems
  • Introducing a routine
  • Understanding your baby’s sleep cues
  • Introducing good habits and tips for future sleep

The price includes follow up support over the phone in order to answer any questions raised once parents have had the chance to put their new skills into practice and an additional phone call as the baby reaches the 6 month age and is ready to transition into sleeping through the night.

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Group workshops (min of 4 people) – £25 pp
One-to-one workshop – £100
Telephone workshop – £50

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